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2 Full Detail Special

Have 2 vehicles Fully Detailed for $399

That is up to a $91 savings. Both vehicles must be detailed at the same time to qualify for this offer. Additional work such as compounding, paint touch up, ozone treatment, etc. would be extra. Minivans & SUV's are additional

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*Cars must be done at the same time for this offer

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*Restrictions apply, contact Mobile One for more details


Club Deals

The perfect gift for anybody is the gift that keeps on giving. Well, the Mobile One Club Plan does just that. Purchase car washing and detailing services for the entire year. This is the perfect gift for that someone special or for yourself.


Mobile One Vehicle Water Damage Services

The Mobile One Shop in Kensington Md is set up to tackle the most severe water, mold and odor problems your vehicle can have. If you suspect that your car has a water or moisture issue, come in for a free evaluation and we can quickly let you know how major or minor the situation may be. 

Water Damage Restoration & Vehicle Odor Services   

We have seen a major jump in water problems with cars in the last 15 years. Your carpets may seem to be dry, but the padding under the carpet and floorboards are not, causing mold problems and odors. The moisture will not evaporate on its own. Many cars have issues with sunroof drains that get clogged and cause water to enter the floorboards and cause a bad smell. Windshield problems, A/C issues, body shop problems, many other potential problems can lead to a wet car, we're here to help. The moisture will NOT go away on its own, it needs to be addressed and repaired or rust, electrical issues start and mold will become an issue

Don't let your vehicles value be effected.

  • Do you have a bad, musty smell inside your car?
  • Do the odors get worse in warm/hot weather?
  • Do you have a sunroof? 75% of water problems are sunroof related
  • Do you see condensation on the inside of your windows regularly?
  • Has your car had bodywork recently or windshield replaced?
  • Do you have visible mold inside your car?
  • Have you had issues with your vehicle HVAC system?

Don't wait, contact us today to schedule your Free inspection

Email or call us today to schedule your inspection

Email is the best way to reach us typically, you can also try our business text, 240-242-5202 or our office line is 301-656-6004. Please leave a voice mail if no answer


Below are some examples of our recent work



2017 Honda Pilot with the sunroof and windows open during a massive summer storm


Mobile One can help dry out your vehicle and get you back on the road


2008 Honda CRV with Mold caked on the floorboards and the corners and crevices


We use special antimicrobial cleaners, air scrubbers and proper PPE equipment

 when dealing with mold. Don’t risk your health and safety, safety first.


We removed the entire interior and scrubbed all areas and

returned the vehicle to pre-loss conditions


This carpet had seen better days, we weren’t sure if it would even come clean


Pretty good before and after with this carpet, after 4 different cleanings,

it came out pretty nice. Not too bad for a 14 year old SUV


Putting the final pieces back together, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, but the end is in sight


Final look inspection to see any issues or missed spots before customer arrives


All finished, total transformation. Went from a vehicle  that was about to be junked back to a vehicle that can be used for years to come and enjoyed the way it should be




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