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The Mobile One Shop in Kensington Md is set up to tackle the most severe odor, mold, smoke, and 
vehicle water damage. We also do high quality Paint Correction Services and Ceramic Paint  
Coatings. Other services are provided, send us an email or give us a call for more information

Vehicle Odor & Water Damage Restoration Services  

We have seen a major jump in water problems with cars in the last 15 years. Your carpets may seem to be dry, but the padding under the carpet and floorboards are not, causing mold problems and odors. The moisture will not evaporate on its own. Many cars have issues with sunroof drains that get clogged and cause water to enter the floorboards and cause a bad smell. The moisture will NOT go away on its own, it needs to be addressed and repaired or rust, electrical issues start and mold will become an issue.

Don't let your vehicles value be effected.

  • Do you have a bad, musty smell inside your car?
  • Do the odors get worse in warm/hot weather?
  • Do you have a sunroof? 75% of water problems are sunroof related
  • Do you see condensation on the inside of your windows regularly?
  • Has your car had bodywork recently or windshield replaced?
  • Do you have visible mold inside your car?
  • Have you had issues with your vehicle HVAC system?

Mobile One can help, our Shop Services are the way to fix these issues

Mold Remediation Services

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Since the increase in water problems with cars in the last 10 years, mold is the natural next step. Can't have mold without moisture. If you see visible mold, get wheezy inside your car, having issues with headaches in the car, have us do an inspection.  You carpets may seem to be dry, but the padding under the carpet and floorboards are not, causing mold. The mold and moisture will not evaporate on its own. We have extensive experience getting rid of mold and moisture.  We can help get your vehicle back to pre-loss conditions. 

With the growing demand for water restoration for automobiles, we've been mastering the art of drying and repairing wet, moldy and smelly cars. If your car has some odd smell and you can't figure out what it is, send us a message and let us give it a quick inspection, there's a good chance it's wet.

Given enough time, bacteria and mold will eventually form and unhealthy conditions will likely become present. It's always best to repair the situation, for your health and the value of your vehicle. 


For Vehicle Water and Moisture related problems, click here


Paint Correction Services

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Paint Correction is a newer term used by detailers and car enthusiasts, it's a detailed, slow way to get your vehicles paint to look its best. Not everyone will see the value in this service, it's for the person looking for the best of the best. The main difference is the depth and clarity of the paint. Swirls in the clearcoat start from the moment the car is painted at the factory and handled. We fix that, all cars leave the dealership with considerable flaws, so the painted surfaces can eventually look better than the day you drove it off the lot with proper paint correction services.

We have different packages for paint correction, accurate estimates are given with we do a thorough inspection. The differences come down to the percentage of damage that we can remove and how long you want the paint to be protected. The multi-step correction will increase the depth and minimize the swirls and defects between 25-50% more than the single step correction. We recommend any paint correction service be followed up with a ceramic coating.

Single Step Paint Correction  $550-950 depending on size and paint condition and prep time

Multi Step Paint Correction $875-1950 depending on size and paint condition and prep time

*Exotics and specialty cars are additional

Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Services typically require 2-5 days

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings are the newest and best way to protect your paint. Wax does a nice job of producing a shine, but it does not protect more than a few months at best, paint sealants last a bit longer, but have some downsides. If you want real protection, a quality ceramic coating is the way to go. Coatings vary in their shine, depth and hardness, protection can range from 1-5 years. Wheels, trim, upholstery, leather and glass can be coated as well. Paint Correction services must be done to have a coating service, never do a Ceramic Coating without paint correction. Many customers still wax their vehicles after having a ceramic coating done, but it's not necessary for the coating, it may add some shine and depth, but the coating will be fine without any wax or sealants for the life of the coating. 

Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Services typically require 2-5 days

A La Carte Services

Ceramic Wheel Coating $95 per wheel and up

Brake Caliper Painting $350 (4 Calipers) and up

Ceramic Windshield Coating $255 and up

Fabric Coating $325 and up

Leather Coating $275 and up

               *All shop services are by estimate after inspection ~ by appointment only

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All shop services are by appointment, please email or call to set up your inspection and estimate


Payment Options and Services

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Payment for all services are due at the completion of the work (some jobs require a deposit)

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