Ozone Machine

Ozone is the fastest and more effective method to remove many odors from vehicle interiors. Ozone's main job is removing smoke odors form your vehicle. The first step in any odor removal process is to remove the source of the odor, without that nothing will help. Ozone works for the after effect odors. Ozone can also be used to kill the mold spores in air conditioning systems that cause odors, and irritation to eyes and throat. This is not normally the first step in odor removal, normally the last. Time to eliminate odors varies with cause and strength of the odor, 1 to 2 days in average. You must pick the machine up and return it to our office, unless you are receiving other cleaning services. Charges vary based on how long the machine is used. $85 is the minimun charge for the machine, based on you picking up and returning the machine the same day. Please contact Mobile One about how the ozone process works.